NatureCeuticals Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2011 by a team of researchers who are leading experts in herbal pharmaceuticals.

This impetus behind this endeavour was the commitment and unwavering faith in herbal drugs as a potential solution to tackle various human ailments. Also the increase in the number and use of herbal based traditional medicines prompted the need to effectively screen the safety and effectiveness of these herbal remedies that is validated by science and complies with regulatory requirements.

This led to the establishment of NatureCeuticals very own R&D laboratory in Kulim Hi Tech Park that focuses on herbal research. Following to that the company established its manufacturing facility in Kedah Halal Park, Sg Petani. Through this platform NatureCeuticals was awarded NKEA status by the Ministry of Agriculture to spearhead herbal drug development focusing on Cat Whiskers herb for cancer treatment.

NatureCeuticals obtained a licence form Universiti Sains Malaysia to commercialise its R&D product based on Cat Whiskers Herb, known as Canssufive. However regulatory restriction and technical challenges resulted the company to develop a new platform that is focused on its custom made herbal extraction facility.

After 10 years of intensive research, NatureCeuticals has successfully scaled up its R&D product to produce commercial scale production of its proprietary extract Lenctos 75 TM .

Since incorporation the company has made significant advancement in the development of Lenctos 75 TM based products which has garnered unprecedented recognition for a company of its size.

Currently NatureCeuticals is focusing on its flagship project Nuvastatic TM which has completed its pre-clinical studies and has started human clinical trials since 2013. The cancer fatigue study is now in phase 2/3 clinical studies and anticipated to be completed in third quarter 2018. The breast and colon cancer studies are in phase 2 clinical studies and we anticipate to complete phase 3 studies by fourth quarter 2020.

NatureCeuticals has filed an international patent based on its Lenctos 75 platform which can also be applied for a variety of cancer and other diseases including Alzheimer, diabetic blindness, psoriasis, obesity and many others.

In order to ensure uninterrupted supply of its raw material, NatureCeuticals in collaboration with its R&D arm, has developed a high tech plantation technology based on plant tissue culture and vertical farming with fertigation technology to enhance and secure its continuous supply of high quality herbal raw material.

NatureCeuticals continues to pioneer the botanical drug development through continued innovation and superior knowledge but also take a leading role in the training and education of the sector to enhance the understanding of all industry stakeholders.

NatureCeuticals had invested more than 20 million ringgit on its state of the art herbal extraction manufacturing and processing facility. The facility has obtained current good manufacturing practices - cGMP certification from the National Pharmaceutical Bureau (NBCP).

This is the only facility in the country expected to be certified for herbal pharmaceuticals manufacturing where the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are manufactured under cGMP. In translation this is the only facility qualified to produce active herbal ingredients for clinical trials and medicinal use.

Herbal products produced by this manufacturing facility falls under pharmaceutical category. Any active pharmaceutical ingredients extracted from herbs produced by this plant can be used as a pharmaceutical ingredient in other pharmaceutical manufacturing facility without having to set up an additional manufacturing line for traditional medicine.

This manufacturing facility also caters for natural products meant for clinical trials ranging from moderate to high therapeutic claims. The manufacturing facility can produce up to 2 tons of extract every month, which is sufficient to cater the need of 30,000 patients.

NatureCeuticals combines the power of natural herbs with the advance technology of modern medicine to give high quality herbal products that are beneficial for health. The use of herbs to treat ailments has been well established for thousands of years.

However, due to seasonal variation and differing soil and planting methods, their effectiveness tends to vary. Furthermore the absorption of some vital phytonutrients can be rather poor. The approach of modern medicine is to isolate and purify principal active compounds from natural products as medicinal products.

However increasing number of researches are beginning to show that such approach may not be beneficial particularly for general health and may in fact increase the risk of some life-threatening diseases. Such approach also causes a significant increase in cost of production making the final product expensive.

Using advance agriculture techniques coupled with hi-tech extraction technology, herbal products can attain the same ‘drug’ standard similar to conventional pharmaceuticals. Regulatory authorities around the world are increasingly becoming acceptable to this concept with WHO, EMA, TGA, US FDA and many others have product regulatory guidelines to enable herbal drugs to be registered with drug claims even for life threatening diseases such as cancer.

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