NatureCeuticals Blood Cleanser™ is an approved herbal health supplement indicated for the management of healthy blood pressure, blood cholesterol and uric acid. The product contains 60 vegetable capsules of 300mg- standardised extract of Orthosiphon stamineus leaves. Our clinical studies have shown that our extract helped to lower blood triglyceride and cholesterol level and at the same time increased frequency of urination in healthy volunteers. Laboratory studies also show that Orthosiphon stamineus can help to maintain blood sugar levels in diabetic rats and can significantly decrease plasma glucose and triglyceride concentration in a dose-dependent manner. In addition it also increased the protective plasma HDL- cholesterol concentration. In addition, our clinical studies have also shown that our LECTOS75™ extract of OS in various formulations significantly lower the blood sugar and diastolic blood pressure. NatureCeuticals Blood Cleanser™ has been registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a health supplement for the management of healthy blood profile.


This unique antioxidant health drink comes in different natural flavours (lemon, blackcurrant and pineapple) in effervescence formula that contains 250mg of standardized Cat Whiskers extract. CANSSUFIVE Effervescent Drink™ is the result of more than a decade of research collaboration between Australian and Malaysian scientists. This health beverage has won many national and international awards; namely Pecipta 2009 (Silver Medal), MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2010, Bio-Innovation Award 2011(Gold Medal) and Salon de Invention de Geneva 2011 (Silver Medal). CANSSUFIVE Effervescent Drink™ is different from the other Cat Whiskers products available in the current market. It is derived from standardized ethanol extract of Cat Whiskers herb. This extract consist high amount of flavonoids with powerful antioxidant property that gives optimum health benefit. The effervescence formula also enhances the solubility of the active ingredients plus producing an exquisite frothy effect which helps to dissipate a pleasant citrus aroma. One box of CANSSUFIVE Effervescent Drink™ is equivalent to 450 tea bags of ordinary Cat Whiskers tea. It is sugar free and hence suitable for diabetic consumers.


Canssu-5 Nano™ is a standardized extract of Cat Whiskers herb that has been manufactured to have strong anti inflammatory and anti-angiogenic activity. It employs our proprietary H-MET nano formulation technology which helps to enhance the absorption of the phytochemicals present in this magnificent herb. Canssu-5 Nano™ is standardized to contain 6% rosmarinic acid, a powerful naturally occurring antioxidant and anti- inflammatory agent that is made abundant using NatureCeutical manufacturing technology. Each batch of Canssu-5 Nano™ that we manufacture is validated using our in house analytical and biological tests prior to product release using our Neovastop validation technique to confirm the product antiangiogenic activity. All these help to ensure consistency in our product quality.

Canssu-5 Nano™ has been registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as a health supplement for the management of angiogenesis related ailments.

Nuvastatic TM

Nuvastatic™ aims to target a niche segment in the cancer market. Globally more than 7 million people die of cancer each year. The end stage cancer patients normally will fall into the palliative care segment where current medication will not be of any benefit hence patients are put under supportive care with the aim of improving their quality of life before their demise. End stage cancer patients frequently suffers from fatigue due to the built up lactic acid. They often have very poor appetite. End stage cancer patients also often suffers from depression and severe pain due to their disease. A large segment of the palliative care patients are also geriatric patients who are too old to be on conventional cytotoxic therapy. Nuvastatic TM aims to fulfil this market segment. Preclinical and clinical case studies have indicated that Nuvastatic TM helps in reducing fatigue and increases appetite amongst the cancer patients. Nuvastatic TM also has anti anxiety effect due to its active compound rosmarinic acid which acts on the GABA receptor of the brain. Nuvastatic TM inhibits a particular enzyme known as carbonic anhydrase 3 and 9 which causes lactic acid formation leading to the feeling of tiredness. The anti-inflammatory activity also helps to reduce severity of the pain suffered by the patients. Also Nuvastatic TM helps to reduce fluid retention in the lungs and stomach of cancer patients due to its diuretic properties. The angiogenesis inhibition activity may also help to slow down the progression of the disease. Nuvastatic TM for asthenia is expected to enter the Indian market before end of 2018 upon the success of the clinical studies. Currently there are 750,000 newly diagnosed cancer patients in India with 350,000 deaths annually. A clinical study for asthenia is also planned to start by the 3rd quarter 2018 in Australia. Australia has close to 60,000 patients on palliative care each year. We envision Nuvastatic TM to penetrate the Australian cancer palliative care market by 2nd quarter 2019. Nuvastatic TM US FDA trial will be completed by 2nd quarter 2020.

Roxelle TM

Roxelle is designed and developed for the athletes, gymnastics and other players to provide energy sustainably.

Roxelle Sports Drink is an isotonic herbal Beverage formulation containing the water extract of hibiscus sabdariffa flower, Roxelle Sports Drink is an isotonic energy-electrolyte drink that provides rapid and effective supply of essential multivitamins, electrolytes and energy for athletes, while also supporting their muscle function. This formulation contains high amount natural anthocyanins which can help to protect cellular damage due to extreme physical stress.

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