Research and Development Strategy

Our scientists comprise of an array of international scientists and clinicians from world class institutions with more than 30 years of combined experience. NatureCeuticals invests heavily on R&D in preclinical and clinical research and collaborate closely with many tertiary research institutions. Our team members are made of scientists from top research institutions in Malaysia, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, India and the Middle East.

NEOVASTOP™ is a proprietary angiogenesis inhibition validation method developed by NatureCeuticals. This method comprises of a battery of cutting edge analytical and molecular biology technologies that are used in house to validate anti-angiogenic activity on products developed by NatureCeuticals. Each batch of herbs harvested from our farms is screened to ensure the presence of active compounds with anti-angiogenic activity at the predetermined cut-off level. Products validated with NEOVASTOP™ are guaranteed to be anti-angiogenic to attain all the health benefits for this type of pharmacological activity.

H-MET stand for Herbal Molecular Encapsulation Technology. This is NatureCeuticals proprietary formulation technology that is used to increase absorption of phytonutrients. This helps to maximize the potency of herbal products to give optimal health benefits. H-MET formulation are also available in nano-particle form.

PROTASTE™ is a taste masking technology to improve palatability of herbal products particularly in the form of beverage. NatureCeuticals unique approach helps to masks unpleasant bitter taste of herbal products. This helps to increase compliancy to supplement herbal health products.

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